Great Northern Antique Popcorn Popper Machine with Cart Review

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For any popcorn lover looking for a good popcorn machine, the Great Northern Antique Popcorn Machine with Cart is an easy to use and easy to move popcorn popper which will see to it that you can have a constant supply of great quality hot, fresh and delicious popcorn whenever you need it. This high quality popcorn popper gives a performance that compares to no other appliance. Click here to SAVE $331.66 for a limited time only!

Great Northern Antique Popcorn Machine Features

Built to last, this popcorn popper features powder coated steel with stainless steel construction. If you want, you can still use this machine as a table top popper by detaching the cart. However, the cart and wheels make it possible to easily move the machine. This superior popcorn machine, ideal for the large family, features a large 8-ounce kettle, capable of making about 3 gallons of popcorn per batch.

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Given the separate power needs, this Great Northernpopcorn popper features a 3-position control switch controlling the 820-watt machine. Each of these switches has specific purposes: one for the stirrer and pot heater, one for the spot light warmer and one for the heated warming deck to keep your popcorn hot and fresh.

And if the thought of having the taste of your delicious popcorn interrupted up by a few unpopped kernels doesn’t go down well with you, you can breathe easy with the Great Northern antique popcorn machine with cart. This deluxe Great Northern popcorn cart comes with a reject kernel tray where any unpopped kernels collect.  And if you happen to make more than your immediate needs or you just want to save time on your next need for popcorn, no need to worry about storage. This machine has popcorn supply storage in the base. The unit is easy to clean with water and is backed with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

As the name suggests, the Great Northern popcorn machine features a cart with 18-inch diameter ball bearing wheels for easy movement, besides other free accessories such as a popcorn scoop and a kernel/oil scoop.

Great Northern Antique Popcorn Machine Review

As we researched on this product, we found 102 customer reviews posted on Out of these, a great majority expressed satisfaction with this antiquepopcorn popper machine. One reviewer found it easy to clean and also noted that very few kernels went unpopped. Another reviewer liked it because he found it easy to take the kettle in and out. While for another customer, he was happy the popcorn popper cart could move easily thanks to the wheels and also found it easy to clean. Most of these reviewers liked it most for the great taste of popcorn, while others found the product ideal for making enough popcorn for the whole family given its large 8-ounce kettle. Click here to read more reviews.

Only one customer offered a critical review noting that the machine lacked a temperature gauge for the kettle.

All in all, it is clear the Great Northern Antique Popcorn Machine with Cart is a perfect choice for any popcorn lover, who wishes to have fresh and tasty popcorn right from the comfort of their home, any time for many years. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Gedet June 26th, 2012 (#)

I’ve had one of these for more than 10 years and am ordering a new one because the yellow plastic air guide has just disintegrated from age and heating. The motor and element are still working.Yes: if you leave it alone it does throw out a few blistering-hot kernels. But if during the first 30 seconds of running you hold it and tilt it back about 30 degrees, it doesn’t. As soon as any kernels have popped you can set it down again.Lowest-calorie popcorn? At the supermarket, buy an aerosol can of cooking oil spray. Face the popcorn bowl, spray in right hand and salt-shaker in left. As the popcorn tumbles out, alternately spritz with cooking oil and sprinkle with salt. The oil spray has basically zero calories (a teaspoon per batch?) but it makes the salt stick to the popcorn!Fun with your popper, impress the kids. There are always a few kernels that don’t pop left in the bottom. And every time, one or 2 will go off a couple seconds AFTER you pull the plug. So: pull out the plug, slowly raise your index finger and point, magically, at the popper. Bang! Blow smoke off imaginary gun barrel.

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