Great Northern Antique Popcorn Popper Machine Review

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The Great Northern antique popcorn popper machineis the most ideal gadget for making popcorn at home and in a business setting. It comes with great features like that literally makes shoppers not look at the other popcorn makers. It is a very easy to clean unit because it comes with stainless metal on its surfaces. It comes also with old maid drawers that make its very conservative yet it features modern aspects all through. It is an ideal unit to buy for home use and commercial uses because it is made to last for years.

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Great Northern Antique Popcorn Machine Features

For every purchase of the Great Northern popcorn maker you will get 25 bags, a stainless scoop and measuring cups all for free. There can’t be any other better deal. The unit also comes with stainless steel food-zones, very easy to clean stainless steel kettles and an exclusive warming deck.

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The Great northern antique popcorn maker comes with an exclusive warming deck, old-maid drawers which the user can use to keep unpopped kernels, glass that ensures safety and an 8 ounce kettle. It has the old good day’s memories with it; it will remind the user of the parties, the movies or the games that they attended and the popcorn were served, thanks to the antique design which is complimented by the very modern features.

The antique popcorn popper comes with 3 position control switch which also includes an 820 watts exclusive whisper quiet motor. Also included is a spot light warmer, stirrer and pot heater with a safety glass wall which is tampered not forgetting the high impact polycarbonate doors. The popper also comes with a water capacity of roughly 3 gallons of popcorn per batch and it works on standard 110 volt 820 watts. This is of very high quality and also certified.

Great Northern Popcorn Machine Review

The Great Northern popcorn machine has received wide acclaim and among them Amazon has over 156 reviews which give a 4.3 star feedback on average. 100 of the reviewers at Amazon gave a 5.0 star feedback which is a huge positive feedback for any item. Most reviewers and other buyers have great love for the popper because it takes very few minutes to assemble and it produces very delicious popcorn just like the movie theater. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Some reviewers are of the view that the stirrer is quite slow than the other poppers found in the market. This however should not bother one because the great northern popper is designed so to give the most delicious popcorn. When buying this unit first know exactly the size that you need to avoid buying a too small popper for you huge demands. To avoid any residues at the bottom of the popper one should always follow the manual instructions to the letter.

The Great Northern antique popcorn popper machine is worth every coin as most buyers have attested. It mixes the old and the modern touches to give the buyer the best of both worlds. With all the features and the greatly discounted price it should be natural for any shopper to go for the great antique popper. Click here to save $210 on the Great Northern popcorn machine for a limited time only!

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