Nostalgia Circus-Cart Popcorn Maker Review

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A lot of people love popcorn. This is a fact that can only be disputed by none. The Nostalgia Circus Cart Popcorn Maker comes in to give people the best popcorn of the century. The antique style machine will give the buyer and the family together with the friends the movie tasting popcorn that all cherish and always remember long after the popcorn date has passed. The Nostalgia popcorn popper will easily produce 1.5 gallon worth of popcorn each time for you to share with your loved ones. It can sufficiently and comfortably feed a large number of people to their fill.

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Nostalgia Circus-Cart Popcorn Machine Features

It is 5 feet tall and comes with a 4 ounce kettle that comfortably handles all the popcorn thrown at it. The Nostalgia popcorn machine also features a stirrer that conveniently stirs the popcorn to their cooking state. It also features a kernel catcher that catches any un-popped popcorn. This serves very well to eliminate any un-popped popcorn from the feeding bag or bowl. The stirrer can also be said to be very good in this case, because it ensures that all the popcorn are finally cooked properly.

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The Nostalgia Circus Cart popcorn makeralso comes with a compartment at the base of it that stores the cooked popcorn and at the same time keeping them warm and tidy while waiting the feasting time. The machine has a very easy design that makes it very easy and comfortable to clean for the owner. The warming light does all the work for the already cooked popcorn at the base of the popcorn maker machine.

It can be agreed that the machine archaic looking style makes people want to taste the popcorn that come from it. It comes fitted with a tempered window that is safe for the user and also gives a nice display. The buyer should also take note that the Nostalgia popcorn maker machine comes with a 90 days warranty from the manufacturer.

Nostalgia Circus-Cart Popcorn Machine Review

There are quite a big number of reviews on the Nostalgia Popcorn Maker on the internet. Most of the reviewers have very fond things to say about this unit and one is left yearning to get one. On the Amazon site there are about 105 reviews and 77 of them are 4.0 stars and above. This clearly shows the much love buyers have for the machine. Most reviewers seem to be in agreement on the fact. The unit does not only give theater style popcorn, but also it is quite easy to clean as well as having a very pocket friendly price tag. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Some of the reviewers are not very happy with somewhat hard way through which one has to clean the unit. Well, this cannot be such a big problem given the fact that the manufacturer has supplied an easy to understand manual that illustrates all the units’ features and thus an easy way to clean it.

Seems all the reviewers have a positive jot to put forward for the Nostalgia Circus-Cart popcorn maker and it is for this reason that one cannot be excused for not buying it. The price is very reasonable and the popcorn wow! Click here to buy from Amazon, get free shipping and 51% discount Now!

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5)
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