Paramount Deluxe 6oz Red Popcorn Maker Machine Review

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For anyone who loves the taste of great popcorn, the Paramount Deluxe 6oz red popcorn maker machine will ensure you have just that. This machine is an easy to use revolutionary popcorn popper which can make certain that you conveniently have a consistent supply of fresh and hot popcorn right from the comfort of your house, any time and all the time. Click here to save $220 for a limited time only!

Paramount Deluxe Popcorn Machine Features

This Paramount popcorn popper is a durable high quality appliance guaranteed to make you the tastiest popcorn you will ever need. This machine comes with a large 6 ounce stainless steel kettle which is also rotational and detachable. With such a capacity, this popcorn maker is sure to pop enough tasty popcorn for the whole family. The machine comes with a built-in stirring system for even distribution and perfect hot oil popping. This popcorn popper also comes with 3 separate switches that control the kettle, the stirrer and the warming light.

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The Paramount 6oz popcorn maker machine also comes with a full instruction manual to help you set it up easily so you can get to enjoy some great popcorn within the shortest time possible. And if you make more popcorn than your immediate needs, do not worry about your popcorn getting cold. This Paramount 6oz popcorn machine features a warming deck and a warming light, both of which ensures that your popcorn remains hot, tasty and fresh for many hours.

If you hate the thought of having the taste of your delicious popcorn interrupted by a few unpopped kernels, you can breathe easy with innovative popcorn maker machine. This deluxe machine features an unpopped kernel filter which ensures that any such kernels do not mix with properly popped kernels. Unlike most other popcorn popping machines, the Paramount Deluxe 6oz popcorn maker machine does not make a lot of noise and also comes with a 5 year warranty to boost consumer confidence in the product.

Paramount Popcorn Machine Review

As we researched on this product, we found 39 customer reviews posted on Out of these, a great majority expressed satisfaction with this Paramount popcorn popper machine. For one of the reviewers, the machine was easy to clean. This reviewer liked the fact that it took only about 5 to 10 minutes to clean. This reviewer also noted that with this product, hardly any kernels escape unpopped. The reviewer found the machine, which is made of high quality materials, quite attractive. While for another reviewer, the large size of the kettle and the theater flavored popcorn it makes made it the popping machine of choice. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

However, some critical reviews were noted as well. One customer was unhappy that quite a few kernels came out of the unit un-popped. While another reviewer felt that it took too long for the machine to finish popping the kernels.

Given the customer reviews about this product, it is evident that the Paramount Deluxe 6oz Popcorn Maker Machine is a must have. Having one will guarantee a fresh supply of popcorn to you and your family for a long time. Click here to buy from Amazon for 63% off Now!

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Customer Reviews

James June 27th, 2012 (#)

I shopped around quite a bit for a popcorn popper. I was tired of microwave stuff, and don’t like the results from a hot-air popper. There are several like this, with a motorized stirring rod and a cooking surface, but either they get poor reviews for reliability (Cuisinart), or were too expensive, difficult to maintain, scratched the Teflon cooking surface, etc. This model is very similar to the West Bend Stir Crazy, but has two heat settings (nuts or popcorn) and most importantly a much thicker stirring rod. With the more basic Stir Crazy, the rod is thin and easily flexed (think coat-hanger) and diverted by the weight of the popcorn itself, causing it to be pressed into the Teflon surface while rotating, thus scratching the Teflon. This model has a MUCH thicker stirring rod (I took a few pictures and added them above to demonstrate) that never makes contact with the surface. The popper pretty much performs like it’s supposed to. I was curious to see if the lid stayed in place while popping a full batch, because is simply sits on top and is only held in place by the weight of the cover. It does in deed stay put. It doesn’t seem to matter what brand of popping corn you use. Name brand or generic seem to perform the same very well. I have never used the butter well, because I don’t like how you wind up with a few soggy bits of corn rather than all of it having a consistent flavor and texture. I’ve experimented some and found that simply adding several pats of butter to the oil and corn does a great job of giving you a nice mild butter flavor. I thought maybe the butter would burn, but that did not happen. I also reduced the oil by 1/2T Spoon, but don’t recommend reducing the oil much more than that, since the distributed hot oil is what promotes the rapid kernel popping. I also added salt directly to the oil and popping corn at the beginning of the process, which worked well enough, but was more difficult to clean in the end. I’m also worried that it might over time scratch the Teflon surface, so I don’t plan to do that again. The bowl is moderate thickness, and appears fairly sturdy. It is not flexible, so I imagine a hard drop might crack it. Because it is a hard clear plastic, it is susceptible to scratching if you use any kind of abrasive to clean it. I’m not sure why you would, considering it only takes a bit of soap and hot water to clean popcorn/oil/butter residue, but whatever. Finally, it comes with a few recipes in the manual. We’ve tried a couple and they turned out well. One of them was Scotcheroo Popcorn which is a sort of gooey sweet treat that includes chocolate and butterscotch chips. All together we are really, really happy with this popper. I recommend it without hesitation. UPDATE: UPDATE: I often wonder about these reviews. 99% of the good reviews are written in the first few days of ownership. This tell you nothing of the longevity of the product. So, I am back after a year to tell you that I still love this popper. It still does a great job, and has had absolutely no issues.

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