Maxi-Matic Popcorn Maker Machine with Cart Review

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The Maxi-Matic Popcorn Maker Machine with Cart is a revolutionary popcorn popper which is not only easy to use, but easy to move as well. With this popper, you will be able to have a constant supply of theater-quality hot, fresh and delicious popcorn whenever you need it. This commercial quality popcorn popper will provide you with superior unrivaled performance for a long time.

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Maxi-Matic Popcorn Maker Machine Features

As the product name indicates, this popcorn popper features a cart for ease of movement. The Maxi-Matic popcorn machine also has compartments underneath the trolley to store things, while you could use the top as a shelf for enhanced convenience. This superior popcorn machine can work great for a large family. It features a large 8-ounce kettle, capable of making about 3 gallons of popcorn per batch.

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To take care of the separate power requirements, this Maxi-Matic popcorn popper features a 3-position control switch. Each of these switches has specific purposes: one for the stirrer, one for the light warmer and one for the kettle heater.

If you happen to make more than your immediate needs or you just want to save time on your next need for popcorn, no need to worry. The Maxi-Matic popcorn maker machine with cart has a warming light that will keep your popcorn hot and fresh for a long time. This easy to clean unit also comes with a one year warranty as an assurance of its high quality.

This great looking popcorn machine also features a cart with a couple of silver spoke wheels measuring 18 inches in diameter, for easy movement. The machine is also supplied with quite a number of accessories. The package includes a salt shaker, a popcorn scoop, a measuring cup and a spoon.

Maxi-Matic Popcorn Machine Review

As we researched on this product, we found 60 customer reviews posted on Out of these, a great majority expressed satisfaction with this Maxi-Matic popcorn machine with cart. For one reviewer, the machine simply exceeded his expectations. This reviewer also loved it for its capacity at 8 ounces – just able to make enough popcorn for his family’s needs at one go. For another reviewer, the accessories were a great plus. This customer loved it even more for its trolley, which made it very portable. Yet for another reviewer, the taste of popcorn from this machine was irresistible and the customer also found the machine easy to clean. Click here to read more reviews.

However, a couple of helpful critical reviews were also noted. One reviewer was okay with the machine, except that he had some trouble attaching the popcorn bucket to the holder. Another customer was unhappy that his Maxi-Matic popcorn machine was delivered with a dent on the top metal piece, but went on to say that the popcorn is great.

Based on these customer reviews regarding the overall performance of this product, it is clear the Maxi-Matic Popcorn Maker Machine with Cart is a perfect choice for any popcorn lover, who wishes to have fresh, tasty and theater-quality popcorn at home any time for many years. Click here to check it out.

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