Waring Pro WPM25 Professional Popcorn Maker Review

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Everybody loves popcorn but until you taste the ones made by Waring Pro Professional WPM25 popcorn maker then you have not tasted the best. This simple classic kettle style popcorn maker will produce not just hot popcorn but also fresh, delicious popcorn in a matter of very minutes. It consists of a pivoting kettle that has a built in stirring mechanism for even distribution of the popcorn when they are getting cooked and this ensures the perfect popping of all the popcorn inside. Click here to buy from Amazon with 47% discount Now!

Waring Pro WPM25 Popcorn Maker Features

It can comfortably give 8 cups at a time. It can therefore handle functions such as birthday parties, movie night or any other social gatherings. The big capacity will also allow you to cook any amount of popcorn while you look straight at them through the glass window. The pivoting kettle distributes the popcorn evenly and ensures that all of it is cooked completely.

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The Waring WPM25 popcorn machine uses 300-watts and by the use of the classic kettle-style one can make up to 8 cups at a time. The old fashioned popcorn maker gives one the ideal theater like popcorn. Though it comes with all the traditional features it comes in a very compact package and modern technology; the buyer gets the best of both worlds, literally.

The Waring Pro popcorn maker has a detachable kettle and a magnetized door that makes it easy to clean. The popcorn machine also comes with a removable serving tray. It is a compatible machine that measures just 11 by 11.5 by 17 inches. That is not all because it also comes with a five year motor warranty. The manufacturer has put a full set of features that will ensure that you get the best popcorn in the world that you deserve.

Waring Pro WPM25 Popcorn Maker Review

There are numerous reviews on this Waring Pro popcorn machine on the internet; Amazon has 156 reviews on it and they give an average of 4.00 stars out of the possible 5.00 stars. Of the 156 reviewers 79 reviewers gave a 5.00 star feedback. Most buyers are in agreement that the popper is quick when making the popcorn. They also agree on the fact that it makes movie like popcorn which are extremely delicious. It is best for home use as many of the buyers say. It is worth every penny and one is bound to enjoy the popcorn from the Waring professional popcorn maker. Click here to read more reviews.

Like all the instruments that man has, there are some downsides. Some buyers say that they like the sides to be glass rather than plastic, however, as you cook your popcorn you are able to watch them from the front glass window. Some also say that they wish the kettle takes some extra effort to clean.

Looking at the price of the Waring WPM25 popcorn maker and the quality of popcorn that come out of it you will agree that there can’t be any better deal out there in the market. The manufacturer has also given a five year warranty on the makers motor and the buyer gets value for every penny spent here. Get your today and have a taste of the real popcorn! Click here to save $71 on the Waring Pro WPM25 Professional Popcorn Maker for a limited time only!

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